We live in an era where drugs have captured the headlines. Youth have taken to the neglect and have abandoned their duties. What is the reason one may ask? They have taken the habit of using drugs. Who says the use of drugs is wrong? Not at all but why it’s illegal intake?  I don’t think anyone would love to put one’s self in harm’s way.  Why illegal drug abuse?

According to Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, “ a drug is any substance (other than food that provides nutritional support that when inhaled, injected, smoked, consumed, absorbed via a patch on the skin, or dissolved under the tongue causes a temporary physiological (and often psychological) change in the body.” From the above definition one could tell that we have Pharmaceutical drugs which are “taken to cure or ameliorate any symptoms of an illness or medical conditions.” We also have Psychoactive drugs “which affect the function of the Central Nervous System, altering perception, mood or consciousness.”  Unfortunately, many of our youth engage in the latter which gives them unpleasant effects. And these are the illegal drugs we are talking about.

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Zeinab Ibrahim, The Writer

The Zongo community now can boast of a lot of highly-educated people, many Islamic scholars yet has a high rate of drug users? It is pathetic that children as young as between the ages of 10 to 25 are engaged in drugs and in the full glare of the public.  Sadly they find pleasure in it thereby, not realising its harmful and deadly effects. It will interest you to know that Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, usage is on the low as compared to Pharmaceutical Drugs such as Codeine, Benylin and Tramadol. These are the most wanted drugs by the “Zongo” youth and used on highly illegal grounds.

Codeine and Benylin are mixed with energy drinks and taken. Also, Tramadol, available as injection and sold under the brand name Ultram, zytram, diazepam, paracetamol and morphine. Fatal side effects can occur if one uses Tramadol with alcohol and can cause slow breathing leading to deadly attacks.

Peer pressure and curiosity used to be the major causes of Drug Intake. Surprisingly, the above mentioned are not the causes anymore. In our Zongo community now, most drug users can’t give cogent reasons for abusing drugs. I must say, there is no justification in abusing drugs. The youth are not ignorant about the harmful effects of illegal drug usage instead; they just abuse it to satisfy their desires. A shame indeed!  Nima, Fadama, Maamobi, Newtown, Madina and Ashaiman can boast of teen and elderly drug users. We can’t boast of more technically skilled persons and entrepreneurs. One may even say we can but countable.


To the individual, illegal drug intake may cause serious health problems.
On the society, very horrific problems, including crime and depleted resources. To the country, illegal drug usage hinders future development on the basis of the fact that they taking drugs illegally shatters their creativity skills needed for a future progress. Government also spends huge revenue in their rehabilitation.

To the streets of Nima, about 60% of the youth are suffering from mental disorders which are as a result of illegal drug intake. Intensive health-walks, strict government laws, opinions from religious Heads, etc.  are ways in curbing drug intake in our community.

Illegal Drug intake is claiming the lives of our youth; let’s not give chances in driving it away. Let’s take a bi-partisan method in eradicating illegal drug usage in our Zongo. I vividly believe we can do better and unearth the creativity in our youth.


Concerned Citizen, Zeinab Ibrahim


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